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For the past two decades, the “NoHo” people have been street walking, club dancing, bike riding, night crawling, mirror posing, mountain trekking, skate boarding and gym lifting.
We know there are plenty more like us out there, making every day count. So we thought, hey, why not design a state of the art sock, perfect for any fitness activity as well as everyday use?
You can wear a NoHo pair while sipping a cocktail at a classy bar downtown, up the ladder finishing a graffiti or on your couch flirting silly with your neighbor. Looking cool as fook at the same time.
/     Take our word for it and don’t just wear socks. Wear awesome.
We went into great lengths searching for the right materials and testing our product’s structure and textile composition. It must have been the millionth sample that left us truly satisfied.

Now, you ‘ll find those specs in all our NoHo socks:

Fine balanced use of Polyamide and Cotton, helps sustain the right skin temperature while allowing full transpiration

Mesh knitting for excellent air circulation

Double cotton cushioning on the bottom for super comfort during activities or long days out there

Shock damping effect

Extra elasticity and compression for higher blood circulation.